Blooms on tap this month
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Flower Tips

Did You Know

Most cut flowers sold in the U.S. are imported? After spending days in planes, trucks and coolers, they arrive laced with harmful chemicals. Join the slow flowers movement and use local whenever possible!


When arranging, use stronger stems, like Sunflower, Roses, to prop-up soft, weaker stems (i.e. Ranunculus, Sweet Pea). Scatter the stronger stems throughout the bouquet then use the weaker stems to fill in the holes. Go for balance, not symmetry or perfection.


Pick off dead guard petals as the flowers age and make sure to keep the water clean. If some die faster than others, simply remove them and arrange a new, smaller bouquet!


Hold a flower by its stem, not the head, keeping the petals protected.


Provide fresh water daily to avoid bacteria growing in the vase.


While PxP has a thing for Mason Jars, the use of non-traditional items -- mugs, candle glass, wine bottles -- is a great, creative way to show off your blooms.

Sharp Shears

Always use clean, sharp shears when cutting the stems in order to avoid damage of the delicate stem tissue. Do this every other day to keep the flowers drinking efficiently.

Branchy Flowers

Splintering the end of the stem of branchy-stemmed flowers, such as lilac and hydrangea, enables the bloom to drink more easily. When giving the flower a fresh cut in your home, make multiple cuts to the bottom of the stem with your shears.